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Skin Tag Removal

A skin tag is a tiny, rogue flap of skin that develops in areas where patches of skin rub together, such as the underarm, under the belly or the groin. They are benign, flesh-colored skin growths that generally pose no problems – until they snag on clothing or jewelry or present a cosmetic concern. Dr. Susan Spitzler and Dr. Emma Murad offer professional, safe and painless skin tag removal at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta.

Many over-the-counter and home remedies exist for removing offending skin tags. In most cases, they pose no problems and can be left alone. Some even shrink and go away by themselves over time. Others remain and get in the way of clothing. Occasionally, they can become pinched or torn and bleed, which risks them becoming infected and presenting more serious problems.

Do Not Remove Skin Tags at Home!

While the temptation may be great to buy the latest OTC remedy or try your grandmother’s solution for removing skin tags, we do not recommend it. While applying topical medicine may be, in fact, harmless, any action that cuts into the skin tag or causes it to bleed risks infection. Simply cutting them off with your razor is almost a sure method to cause a skin or blood-borne infection.

Dr. Spitzler and Dr. Murad have several painless techniques they can use to quickly and safely remove offending skin tags. Freezing or electrocauterizing the skin tag are ways to effectively kill the skin cells and cause the tag to fall off on its own in a few days. Another quick method is to numb the area and use surgical snips to remove the tag. The patient leaves with the tag already gone and a small bandage.

If you have developed pesky skin tags that get caught on clothing or are in troublesome areas, such as close to the eyes or elsewhere on the face, contact Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta today for an exam and consultation for safe and painless skin tag removal.

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