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Botox Facial Treatments

Botox® is perhaps the most popular and well-known injectable treatment for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles of aging. This FDA-approved treatment is designed to reduce the appearance of dynamic wrinkles. These are caused by repeated facial expressions over a long period of time. As you age, those repetitive motions “freeze” into place and cause embedded wrinkles.

Botox is known as a neuromodulator, meaning that it partially deadens the signals to targeted nerve endings. Precise Botox injections keep facial muscles from contracting, allowing them to relax. The skin covering these muscles also relaxes and smooths out, eliminating dynamic wrinkles and making you appear years younger. Botox injections are safe and FDA-approved for cosmetic use.

The key to enhancing your appearance with Botox injections is the skill of your practitioner. Precise amounts of the toxin injected at exactly the right locations create the desired results and prevent a frozen or fake look. Don’t trust just any provider that offers Botox injections with your appearance and health.

Look Younger with Botox Injections

Dr. Emma Murad and Dr. Susan Spitzler are both board certified dermatologists with the training, skills and experience to provide safe and effective Botox injections. Professional treatment with Botox from a qualified provider can produce results that last up to six months. Refresher injections can keep you looking young and beautiful for a long time.

Botox injections are easily tolerated, and no downtime is required after your treatment. Appointments usually take about 15-30 minutes. Our skilled practitioners apply a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort and then inject tiny amounts of Botox into specific muscles in your face. You may feel a slight stinging from the needle, but this subsides quickly.

For more information about Botox injections to erase dynamic wrinkles and signs of aging, contact Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta to schedule a cosmetic consultation with one of our specialists.

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