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welcome to Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta

Dermatology is the medical specialization that focuses on the care of your skin, hair, and nails. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta is pleased to be your premier center for general and cosmetic dermatological care in Alpharetta and the Greater Atlanta Metro area. Our talented and skilled team at Spectrum Dermatology provides a full range of medical and cosmetic treatments across the full “spectrum” of dermatological needs.

what our clients say

I was impressed with Dr Spitzlers thoroughness on my initial visit and the front desk staff was very efficient with the new patient paperwork and getting me back to see the Dr quickly. the physicians assist. was very attentive and friendly. although the exam seemed to be over quickly i never felt rushed or uninformed about what was happening. at check out everything went smooth and my prescriptions were sent directly to my pharmacist and the follow up appointment was made. everyone was overall knowledgeable about their job and seemed happy to be there.

Russell G.

Dr. Spitzler has excellent patient rapport and you will develop trust and confidence with her quickly. She is calm and smooth, but very diligent in her decisions and actions. She has an excellent professional demeanor while still be very personnel and friendly.

Marsha C.

Dr. Murad was extremely professional and caring, she explained everything to me in detail, and put any worries I had at ease I would highly recommend her practice to anyone

Jana K.
Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta Team Members

MeetOur Team

Susan R. Spitzler, MD, and Emma J. Murad, MD, lead a skilled and experienced team of medical and aesthetic technicians who are focused on providing the best dermatological care in Georgia. We offer the very latest in proven technologies and treatments for your medical and cosmetic skin, nail and hair needs.

When you have skin, hair or nail problems, or want to look your very best for the longest possible time, contact Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta at (470) 731-8010 to schedule a consultation. We are conveniently located just south of Halcyon in Alpharetta at 1725 Windward Concourse, Suite 120 where McGinnis Ferry Road crosses Georgia 400.

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