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Rosacea Causes, Treatment

Rosacea is a common skin condition that causes a flushed appearance on the face and may also be accompanied by small, red bumps with puss. Rosacea can also cause similar symptoms on the eyelids and eventually cause red, hardened skin on the nose. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta provides rosacea treatment at our medical clinic in Alpharetta, GA.

Anyone can develop rosacea, but it seems more common in middle-aged women with light skin. The advanced condition with red, hard nose skin is more seen in men. There is no cure for rosacea, but treatments can lessen its effects and care for your skin. Researchers believe rosacea is caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors.

You are at a higher risk of developing rosacea if you are female, light-skinned, over 30, smoke, and/or have a family history of the condition. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta can diagnose rosacea with a simple exam and review of your medical history. No blood or skin tests are typically necessary for making an accurate diagnosis.

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Treatments for rosacea typically include topical medications that reduce redness by affecting the thin facial blood vessels. It is believed that these blood vessels are integral to the condition. Other topical products can improve skin condition to prevent acne or similar outbreaks of bumps that can trigger a rosacea outbreak.

For moderate to severe cases of rosacea, Dr. Spitzler and Dr. Murad can also use light therapy to treat the condition. Often, a combination of topical treatments and these therapies are most effective for controlling rosacea. Ask about these and other possible treatment options when you call or message us at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta.

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