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Skin Cancer Alpharetta, GA

Skin Cancer Treatment

Skin cancer is an all-too-common development of abnormal skin cells that proliferate mostly in areas exposed to the sun. However, skin cancer can appear anywhere on the body. Your risk of contracting skin cancer increases with routine exposure to UV sunlight. Routine skin cancer screenings can catch its development early and increase your chances of successful treatment. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta offers skin cancer screenings and treatment in the Atlanta Metro and surrounding communities.

Skin cancer affects people of all skin types and tones, although certain types seem to prefer darker skin. These cancers begin in the epidermis, or top layer of skin, which consists of three types of cells. The type of cell where your skin cancer begins determines the type of cancer and its treatment. Treatment includes topical chemotherapy, surgical removal, and Image-Guided Superficial Radiotherapy (IG-SRT). Regular screenings for skin cancer can catch it early in development when it is more easily defeated.

Advanced Treatment for Common Types of Skin Cancer

Dr. Susan Spitzler and Dr. Emma Murad are experienced dermatologists who can diagnose and treat various forms of skin cancer. We offer routine skin cancer screenings at our clinic in Alpharetta, but if you notice any troublesome development with your skin, you should schedule a consultation right away. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta provides the most advanced skin cancer treatments available anywhere in Atlanta for the most common types of skin cancer:

Visit the links to each of these pages for more specific information about each type and the treatment options available.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Less Common Types of Skin Cancers

While the above-listed types are the more common, other types of skin cancer exist. Our talented dermatologists can diagnose and treat a wide variety of skin cancers at our medical clinic, including some more rare versions like Kaposi sarcoma, sebaceous gland carcinoma, and Merkel cell carcinoma.

Call or message us online at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta to schedule a skin cancer screening or if you detect suspicious areas on your skin that could be skin cancer. Early detection is key to a greater chance for successful treatment.

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