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Ear Lobe Repair Alpharetta, GA

Ear Lobe Repair

Earlobe tissue is soft and pliable, and this makes it easier to suffer damage from wear and tear or injury. Accidents, impact or prolonged wear from large or heavy earrings can cause earlobes to become elongated or torn. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta provides ear lobe repair at our medical clinic in Alpharetta.

Stretched or torn earlobes present an aesthetic issue that can cause embarrassment or loss of self-esteem. Torn earlobe tissue can also be painful and make wearing jewelry impossible. Whether you have suffered damage from an accident or stretched out your pierced ear lobe holes too far for them to close back up, our skilled team can perform ear lobe repairs that return your appearance back to normal.

Cosmetic Ear Lobe Repair

Dr. Susan Spitzler and Dr. Emma Murad of Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta are both board certified physicians with years of training and experience in medical and dermatological care. They can perform the surgical procedures necessary to reshape elongated ear lobes or reattach and reshape torn ear lobes. These procedures are carried out at our medical clinic under local anesthetic.

The necessary procedure to repair your type of ear lobe damage can require a half-hour to an hour and a half, depending on the extent of damage and the techniques our physicians use. Dr. Murad or Dr. Spitzler will provide instructions for aftercare and how long to allow for healing before wearing jewelry or other adornments. Our talented dermatologists have the skills necessary to perform these repairs and minimize scarring.

When you need cosmetic ear lobe repair, call or message us online at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta to schedule an exam and consultation.

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