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Hair Loss/Alopecia Alpharetta, GA

Hair Loss Treatment

Alopecia is the name given for the condition of hair loss. It covers a broad scope of possible causes that range from heredity and aging to hormones or various medical conditions. It can be temporary or permanent and can happen to anyone, male or female. It can even affect your entire body or just your scalp. When hair loss becomes a problem for you, Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta offers hair loss treatment at our medical clinic in Alpharetta.

Hair loss, or alopecia, is so common that many people accept it as a part of life and allow it to run its course without even considering treatment. Others find it to be embarrassing, aggravating or otherwise intolerable and seek solutions. Everyone has the right to be happy with themselves, and combatting hair loss can contribute to that happiness and self-esteem.

Dr. Susan Spitzer and Dr. Emma Murad are happy to discuss alopecia with you and help determine the cause and a solution. Some underlying conditions can cause hair loss, and by treating the condition, hair loss stops and even regrows. In other cases, your body may need help with regrowing hair after an underlying condition causes its loss.

Experienced Alopecia Dermatologist

Our medical team will review your medical history and ask about your hair care routine, past hairstyles, diet, and family history as part of diagnosing the cause of your alopecia. They may also order blood tests, pull tests, and other tests to check the health of your skin and hair. This forms the basis of your customized hair loss treatment plan.

Help with treating conditions and slowing hair loss is always a primary focus of any treatment plan, as well as regrowing natural hair. Many treatment plans include oral or topical medications, PRP therapy and other advanced treatments. One of our alopecia dermatologists will recommend the treatment or combination of treatments that will best help you reach your hair loss and hair regrowth goals.

Call or message us online and speak with a team member at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta about hair loss, or alopecia, and hair regrowth treatments at our medical clinic in Alpharetta.

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