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Juvéderm Ultra™ Alpharetta, GA

Juvéderm Ultra Injections

Juvéderm Ultra™ injections are one of several facial filler injectables we offer at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta. Dr. Emma Murad and Dr. Susan Spitzler, our board certified dermatologists, are well-versed in the precise placement of facial fillers to minimize or erase the signs of aging. Juvéderm Ultra is specifically designed to add volume and moisture to sunken skin for a plump, rejuvenated appearance.

Aging slows down our production of important substances that are the building blocks of healthy skin, namely collagen, and elastin. As a result, our skin becomes dry, thin, sunken, and riddled with lines and wrinkles like a piece of old parchment. Adding certain components directly underneath the skin can revitalize your appearance and make you appear younger.

Juvéderm Ultra is best used for adding volume that fills in the smile lines or the curved lines at both corners of the mouth. Because of its composition, it is also excellent for lip augmentation.

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Help with Smile Lines and Lip Augmentation

Juvéderm Ultra injections contain hyaluronic acid and water. When combined, this forms a gel that creates volume and fills in wrinkles and lines that make you appear older. Its unique composition makes it ideal for use around the mouth, which moves frequently. The Juvéderm Ultra gel keeps its volume and needed density even with this exaggerated movement.

Dr. Murad and Dr. Spitzler are both experienced practitioners who know how much and where to place Juvéderm Ultra injections for just the right effect. You may experience slight swelling or tenderness for a day after the injections, but this should dissipate quickly. Results can be seen almost immediately and can last for up to a year before repeat injections are necessary.

Call or message us online at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta to ask about Juvéderm Ultra injections for facial rejuvenation that combats the signs of aging.

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