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PRP for Hair Regrowth Alpharetta, GA

PRP Injections for Hair Regrowth

Hair loss is a common problem for men and women throughout Atlanta and the surrounding communities. If you’re tired of wearing hats to hide your hair loss, then schedule a hair regrowth consultation with our board certified practitioners at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta. As part of our cosmetic services, we offer advanced PRP injections for hair regrowth at our clinic in Alpharetta.

Platelet-rich plasma is increasingly being used to enhance healing in many medical applications and even cosmetic treatments. Here at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta, Dr. Spitzler and Dr. Murad can harness your body’s own healing power to help hair regrowth to replace lost hair in both men and women. This treatment can be helpful in various causes of hair loss.

Boost Hair Growth with Your Body’s Own PRP

Platelets are part of your own body’s blood composition. Along with white blood cells and plasma, it makes up the essential fluid that carries nutrients and waste throughout the body. Platelets are unique in that they contain essential healing and growth factors. This is part of your body’s own natural healing mechanism. When an injury occurs, platelets in your blood provide the necessary elements to heal the wound from the inside.

PRP for hair regrowth harnesses this healing power by using concentrated amounts of platelets combined with plasma and injecting it directly into the scalp to boost new hair production. This enriched solution provides additional materials to spark and speed hair production right where it is needed. Ask our skilled dermatologists more about PRP for hair regrowth when you schedule a consultation with Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta.

Men and women may suffer differently from hair loss conditions, but the embarrassment and stress it causes are still intense and debilitating. PRP for hair regrowth and other hair loss treatments from Spectrum Dermatology can reverse this condition and help you look years younger. Call or message us online today for a consultation.

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