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Cyst Removal

Cysts that form on the skin usually contain skin cells, pus or bacterial fluid. They can vary in size and location and develop for any number of reasons. Most feel like a tiny pea or kernel beneath the skin. Most will grow in size if left untreated. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta provides professional and minimally-invasive cyst removal at our clinic in Alpharetta.

What Causes a Cyst?

Most cysts are caused by a clogged pore or hair follicle that prevents dead cells from leaving the body. The cells accumulate and cause the rise under the skin; over time, infection can set in and cause pus to develop.

The three most common types of cysts that develop in the skin, and require treatment by a dermatologist, are:

  1. Pilar Cysts – these develop on the scalp and feel like a hard knot. Untreated, they can cause hair loss or even rupture.
  2. Sebaceous Cysts – these develop when the skin forms a sac that traps skin cells. Popping them only damages the skin and causes them to reappear.
  3. Digital Mucous Cysts – these form near a joint as tiny, hard bubbles near a nail and contain joint lubricating fluid.

Professional Cyst Removal

A board certified dermatologist should remove cysts to prevent damage to the skin and/or reoccurrence. Most can be removed within 30 minutes by a minimally-invasive cosmetic surgical procedure performed right in our clinic. Dr. Spitzler or Dr. Murad of Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta will numb the area around the cyst to minimize discomfort. Then they will remove the pocket of cells and close the wound with stitches that heal from the inside out.

If you have developed a troubling cyst that is growing, do not attempt to remove it or “pop” it yourself at home. Contact Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta for safe, professional cyst removal to protect the health and appearance of your skin.

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