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Keloids Treatment

Scar tissue is your body’s natural healing mechanism closing a wound to the skin. Normal scars form as a wound heals and are hardly noticeable. Keloid scars are raised, bulbous scars that form over a wound. They contain extra scar tissue that makes them higher than the level of the skin. Keloids can be found anywhere on the body, but they are most common on the cheeks, ears, chest, and shoulders. The medical team at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta provides keloids treatment when you want rid of these troublesome scars.

Researchers do not know exactly why keloids form. About 10% of the general population have keloid scarring, and people with darker skin tones are more prone to experience them. Many times, they return even after being removed, especially by standard surgery. Keloids do not pose a medical risk, but they can present aesthetic or even functional concerns. Their appearance is highly visible and can be embarrassing.

They can also present challenges if located in certain areas. They could possibly restrict movement or cause difficulties when in a place where clothing snags on them or rubs on them and causes a sore. Dr. Susan Spitzler and Dr. Emma Murad provide experienced keloids treatment when you need help dealing with or removing keloid scars.

Keloids Treatment, Reduction, Removal

Dr. Spitzler and Dr. Murad can recommend various treatments for keloid scars, including therapies to reduce their size and appearance, remove them and preventive measures to keep them from recurring. Some topical treatments are effective for reducing their size and appearance.

Effective surgical techniques exist that help to prevent keloids from reforming over the same area. Cryotherapy, which involves freezing away the extra keloid scar tissue, effectively removes, and prevents keloids from returning. Corticosteroid injections have also proven helpful in preventing the reformation of keloid scars.

If you have noticed the development of troubling keloid scars, contact our office today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Spitzler or Dr. Murad at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta. We can help you reduce or eliminate keloid scarring and prevent their return.

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