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PRP Microneedling Alpharetta, GA

PRP Microneedling for Advanced Skincare

Platelet-rich plasma is being used widely in numerous medical applications to speed healing and the production of new cell tissue. Now you can enjoy the same ultra-healing power of PRP combined with a facial treatment for advanced skincare and beauty. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta offers a PRP Microneedling for advanced skincare at our Atlanta-area medical clinic.

Platelets are part of the blood composition in the human body. They contain growth and healing factors that naturally help your body heal when you sustain an injury. For example, when you cut your finger, the body rushes extra blood-containing platelets to the site. In a short while, the blood clots and seals over the wound to protect it and let healing begin.

A PRP Microneedling harnesses this healing power in a concentrated formula of your own blood that is drawn then spun in a centrifuge. This healing-rich solution is then combined with plasma and applied through injections or topical application immediately after microneedling or dermabrasion treatments to speed the production of healthy new skin cells.

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Stem cells are another variation on the PRP Microneedling. Stem cells are neutral cells in your own body that can transform into any type of cell for speeded healing power. They are part of the body’s natural healing response when you become injured. Stem cells are drawn from your blood or bone marrow and mixed with plasma in much the same way as platelets.

This super-healing solution is then combined with microneedling or dermabrasion treatments to provide your skin extra material for healing and to produce new skin cells. These newer cells are healthier, younger-looking and more beautiful than ever. PRP and stem cell facial treatments are safe and virtually painless but require a few days of downtime for healing.

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