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When Your Sweating is Excessive Alpharetta, GA
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Sweating is your body’s natural mechanism for cooling you off. It is appropriate and expected for both men and women to sweat after a hard workout at the gym or while mowing the grass in the summer heat. However, the amount of sweat produced can differ from person to person. If you sweat more than normal or with minimal activity, you may have a condition known as hyperhidrosis – otherwise known as excessive underarm sweating.

Hyperhidrosis Can Sabotage Your Self-Confidence

While hyperhidrosis isn’t necessarily a threat to your health, it can easily be a disruption to your self-confidence and quality of life. Beyond the noticeable appearance of soaked or stained armpits, there is often the unwanted odor that comes along with underarm sweating. This can cause people to avoid wearing certain shirts or escape social gatherings due to their condition.

If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, you know that most deodorants or anti-perspirants don’t work for you like they do for others. Hyperhidrosis may develop as a medication side effect or an underlying health condition. In others, there are just overactive sweat glands in the armpit region. Regardless of the cause, if the warming temperatures and approaching summer season causes dread due to your excessive sweating problem, turn to your dermatologist for help.

How Your Dermatologist Can Help

Depending on what is causing your excessive sweating and what remedies you may have already tried, our team at Spectrum Dermatology can recommend a solution to eliminate or greatly reduce your embarrassing sweating condition. We may suggest the following to help you regain confident armpits:

  • Determine and Treat Underlying Medical Condition
  • Make Lifestyle Changes
  • Change Your Medication
  • Use Prescription Antiperspirants
  • Apply Topical Cream
  • Get Botox
  • Take Nerve Blockers

To learn more about hyperhidrosis and the treatment that is available to you, please call Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta. We understand the value of being confident in the skin that you are in!

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