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Warts in Children Alpharetta, GA
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Warts in Children

Parents often call the doctor in distress if they notice that their children have a wart or warts developing on a part of their children’s body. They are typically concerned that the development of warts indicates that there is a virus lingering inside the body and that there may be something wrong with their children’s immune system.

Parents can rest assured that warts are a harmless skin infection. While caused by a virus and can be transferred from person to person, they should not pose a threat to a child’s health or well-being. What parents do need to be concerned about, however, is lessening the spread of warts. Children are known to be easily bothered by anything abnormal on their bodies. Parents need to encourage their children not to pick, scratch, or bite warts. It is often helpful for parents to place a small bandage over the wart to help prevent irritation and the child from picking at the spot.

Understanding what type of wart your child has can help parents give their children the best treatment.

  • Common warts – The most typical wart that people think of when they imagine a wart, common warts are rough bumps on the skin. Most often occurring on the hands, but they can form anywhere on the body. They will typically bleed when picked at.
  • Filiform warts – These warts are often mistaken for small skin tags. They usually appear near the corner of the eyes, eyelids, nose, and mouth.
  • Plantar warts – These warts are typically found on the soles of the feet or bottom of the toes. Plantar warts can be quite painful because they grow deep into the skin.
  • Flat warts – Most commonly found on the face, these warts resemble flat, smooth bumps.

Treatment for Warts

Most warts will eventually go away on their own, but it can take months or years for them to disappear entirely. If children are bothered by warts, either physically or emotionally, parents can choose to have warts removed. Spectrum Dermatology provides comprehensive treatment for warts depending on the specific type of wart.

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