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Safe Facial Treatments During Summer Alpharetta, GA
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Safe Facial Treatments During Summer

Summer. It’s a glorious word for so many people. It means vacation, family time, late nights, cookouts, fireworks, and fireflies. Summer brings many opportunities for fun that cannot be enjoyed at any other time during the year. Of course, summer also brings with it extreme exposure to the sun’s damaging rays. The importance of wearing sunscreen year-round cannot be over-emphasized, yet SPF is more vital than ever during the summertime. Do you also know that there are facial treatments that are beneficial to your skin during the summer months?

Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta, LLC, specializes in a full “spectrum” of dermatological needs. We are pleased to be the premier center for general and cosmetic dermatological care in Alpharetta and the Greater Atlanta Metro area. Here are the top recommended treatments for beautiful summer skin.


A basic facial is a relaxing treatment that cleanses the pores, exfoliates away dead skin cells, and offers treatment for common skin concerns. This rejuvenating procedure helps nourish the skin, making the facial areas look healthier and younger. If your facial skin feels heavy, tired, or worn down, a facial is a perfect way to perk it up. Beyond cleaning the pores, facials also increase blood circulation, which optimizes skin renewal. Facials are the perfect summer treat for your skin!


Microdermabrasion is a skin rejuvenation treatment that gently exfoliates dead skin to allow new healthy cells to proliferate. This treatment utilizes a unique abrasive instrument to “sand” the skin while also gently suctioning the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production. Microdermabrasion produces a smoother facial surface after removing older skin and its scars, discolorations, and other blemishes.


This minimally invasive skin treatment uses an exfoliating blade to gently skim dead skin cells and hair from the face. Dermaplaning can be utilized for the treatment of facial scars, pockmarks, and other blemishes. While it may sound harsh, dermaplaning is a painless procedure with virtually no downtime required.

Contact Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta, LLC, to schedule an appointment for a safe aesthetic facial treatment. Get your summer skin glowing!

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