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Can You Blame Your Diet for Your Dry Skin? Alpharetta, GA

Do you suffer from dry skin? The medical term for dry skin is called xeroderma, which refers to skin roughness, tightness, flaking and scaling due to lack of moisture. Not all dry skin is caused by the same factors. There are many culprits for acute or chronic dry skin, including the following:

  • environmental conditions
  • underlying disease
  • chronic dehydration
  • harsh chemicals
  • eczema
  • psoriasis

While you may also be able to blame genetics or poor moisturizing habits for your dry skin, it is also possible that your nutritional intake (or lack of) is contributing to this daily skin battle.

Just like any other organ in your body, your skin needs proper vitamins and minerals to be healthy. A deficiency in certain vitamins can cause changes in the moisture levels of your skin. Not only can dry skin be itchy and uncomfortable, but it can also crack and be very susceptible to infection. If you can’t seem to get your dry skin under control, it is important that you see a dermatologist for proper treatment.

Not Enough Vitamin A

If your dietary habits are contributing to your dry skin, you are likely find a deficiency in Vitamin A. This is among the most important vitamin for skin moisture. Vitamin A supports healthy cell growth and repair, especially within the skin. It is also known for strengthening night vision, supporting bone growth and regulating your body’s immune system. If you have a Vitamin A deficiency, you may have dry skin as well as brittle fingernail and dry hair. Vitamin A can be found in foods like carrots, spinach, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe and tuna.

Never dismiss the importance of your diet when it comes to how your skin feels and looks. Vitamin A is not the only essential nutrient for healthy skin. Potassium and sodium as well as Vitamin, D, E and B play strong roles in your skin’s overall condition. To learn more about dry skin and if your diet is to blame, please call Spectrum Dermatology in Atlanta. We value the importance of addressing the root cause of your skin struggles, not just treating the symptoms.

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