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Kybella Injections

Many facial filler products are designed to add something to your appearance to combat aging or otherwise improve your appearance. Kybella® injections are designed to do the opposite – they take something away. Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta offers professional Kybella injections as part of our full line of facial rejuvenation treatments.

There are many enhancements that can be done to the face to improve your appearance. A common problem is older-looking skin that needs volume. But another common problem is too much volume in the wrong place. This is the condition that Kybella was designed to treat. The dreaded “double chin” is a pocket of submental fat (meaning under-skin fat) that hangs below the chin.

Kybella contains a concentrated substance that is naturally found in your body, and it helps to dissolve fat. When this concentrated solution is injected directly into the submental fat pocket underneath the chin, it speeds up the process of dissolving this fat and helps your body to get rid of it naturally.

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Under-Chin Fat-Reduction Injections

Depending on your unique condition, you may need several Kybella injections to reach the desired result. Each injection takes about 15-20 minutes, and your provider will typically schedule them about one month apart to allow time for changes in your appearance. You may experience soreness, swelling, numbness or tingling under your chin after a Kybella injection, but this should fade within a day or two.

Dr. Murad or Dr. Spitzler, our skilled dermatologists, will share more about what you can expect and some possible side effects. Before administering any facial fillers or injectables, they will review your medical condition and history to make sure it is safe for you to use these injections. Call or schedule a consultation online at Spectrum Dermatology of Atlanta today, and ask about Kybella injections to reduce a double chin.

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